"My goal in creating a new custom plan starts by listening to my clients needs; how they live their lives, the things they do, what their dreams are for their new home. I then go to the drawing board and start playing with the spaces with all that in mind."

Residential design starts with the customer and either comes to me directly or through a contractor. I work with several contractors and homeowners not only throughout Iowa but in several other states, from Texas to Pennsylvania. Communication through email and phone conversations is often all that is needed for a Residential design to take place. While I prefer to meet face to face, sometimes schedules and distance prohibit that luxury. There are exceptions, however, where a face to face meeting is just too valuable to look at the property and have that unique opportunity to listen to who I'm designing for and how they live their lives that gives me the edge to make the difference between a mediocre plan and a one-of-a-kind design that is perfect just for them: just for you.




The process of a residential design can start several ways. Sometimes you've got several plans that you like bits of each and want the front of the house to look like a completely separate plan, then I take them all and mesh them together to form your unique plan. Other times it starts by you telling me the things you're looking for in a plan and I come up with a complete custom home from scratch.




The rest of the process steps in iterations from concept to construction drawings. Once you pay the retainer fee to get the project started, depending on how sever of changes you request, the plan can come together in as little as a few days, and other times for people that don't plan to build right away like to take more time to let things soak in over a few weeks or more to end up right where they wanted to be. Tailored to your needs, each design is different and the fun part is working with you to make it happen.



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