"I tailor to the needs of my clients who need drafting services. Some of my clients need simple drafting tasks done and is a quick turnaround, others are large projects spanning a year or longer that require many redline iterations to complete with paying close attention to particularities of how they like their plans to be presented. I see it as my job to provide a service they are proud to present as their own production"

   Drafting services at Doak Design are provided in a way where the end product is not a result of Doak Design, but rather the client I work for. This is done on an hourly basis using the standards dictated by the client and their firm, sometimes even on their workstations. It would not be uncommon for me to work out of my client's office on their workstations, even alongside their employees, because sometimes you just need a little more manpower to push out a project for a looming deadline. I most typically use Revit, but I am also very well versed in AutoCAD and sketchup.


   The types of projects I provide as drafting services range from construction drawings, conceptual drawings, shop drawings, 3d modeling and even renditions and animations.



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